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To Build or To Renovate? That is The Question!

What’s the Best Way To Get Your Dream Home? Getting your dream home takes work. Custom homes give you an amazing opportunity to create your d...

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Building the Custom Home of Your Dreams: Inspiration and Design

Planning and Designing Your Dream Home, From Budget to Floor Plans and Beyond Where do you start when designing your dream home? ...

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Behind Closet Doors: Creating Unforgettable Walk-In Closets

Design Ideas to Help Inspire the Creation of Your New Favourite Room Once upon a time, the walk-in closet was an item exclusively for the upper crust of society, a feature in mansions around the world that most people could only drea...

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The Suite Spot: Creating an Income Property at Home

Creating an Income Property with Clever Basement Renovations Looking for additional income, or want to fund other projects in your home? Developing an income property such as a basement apartment or suite is a fantastic way to add a ...

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6 Transformative Kitchen Design Tips

Get Inspired with These Tips to Make the Most of Your Kitchen With the holidays right around the corner, you’re probably spending more and more time in the kitchen, either preparing speedy meals between seasonal activities or whipp...

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Trust in Expert Custom Home Builders:
Work With Contractors

Working with Experienced Professionals Gets the Best Results for Your Custom Home You’ve probably heard a few horror stories about unreliable general contractors. Unfortunately, there are plenty of good people who’ve had bad expe...

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Home Office Renovations for Remote Professionals

Creating a Space That Meets Your Needs and Helps Improve Your Productivity More and more people are turning to remote work as an alternative to the usual 9 to 5 grind. Better internet access, flexible schedules, and tax incentives ma...

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Surviving Kitchen Renovations

Tips to Help You Live Through Kitchen Renovations As exciting as they can be, kitchen renovations present a few challenges that often get swept under the rug...

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Why Custom Homes are Worth the Investment

Custom Home Builders Create Unique Luxury Homes Built to Your Specifications and Style Every homeowner has likely given a fair amount of thought to updating their home, adding in luxurious features and beautiful fittings and finishes...

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Home Renovation Planning from Start to Finish

Expert Advice For Keeping Home Renovation Projects On-Track and Stress-Free Home renovations are a big undertaking, whether it’s a smaller project or a larger makeover. With so many factors to consider, it’s important to plan thi...

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Make the Most of An Unfinished Basement

Basement Renovation Ideas to Help You Prepare for a New Home Theatre, Rec Room, or Basement Suite Do you have a dreary basement that you dread going down to? Are you frustrated by an unfinished basement? ...

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Bringing Luxury to Any Bathroom

Bathroom Renovation Ideas to Transform Any Bathroom into a Luxurious Space Bringing a touch of luxury into your bathroom renovations can be a daunting order. Luxury, after all, instantly brings images...

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Renovating and Designing a Kitchen with Character

We Walk You Through a Stunning Glebe Kitchen Renovation, From Start to Finish Kitchen renovations frequently work to add functionality to the heart of the home...

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Designing Your Dream Kitchen

Common (And Uncommon) Considerations to Make the Most of Your Space When it’s Time to Renovate Kitchens are truly the heart of a home. They get plenty of n...

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Dramatic Glebe Renewal

Have you wondered how to transform a tired or run-down fixer-upper into something elegant and stunning? This clean modern renovation to a classic Ottawa home in the Glebe made the cover page of Our Homes Ottawa Magazine! You can ...

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